Book a Street Racket Workshop

The best way to introduce Street Racket to your school is to book an introductory workshop. We offer workshops both school, school districts or as parts of educational workshops and events.

Get to know how to play Street Racket, the concept behind it and various forms of play for your school. You will also get a brief insight into our concept of learning trough movement. If required, we will also be happy to advise you on the optimal implementation on the school grounds (permanent fields). The training normally lasts 90 minutes.

Included in the price are: Training, administrative work, preparation and follow-up, course summary, as well as rental material.

We can conduct the training in- or outside on any hard surface of at least 60x60ft. 

We plan with up to 30 participants per instructor, if there are more we will book a second instructor.

This training will only be carried out by licensed Street Racket instructors. 

Of course, we are flexible in terms of time and the times can be adapted to your wishes.

 For prices and availability please contact